Capacity Building

Building Self-determination 

Capacity Building

If you have relevant NDIS goal that relates to learning new tasks or skills, NDIS may allocate some funding in Capacity building budget which is also called CB increased social and community participation. If you have funding in this category, DAACCS can assist you in achieving your desired outcomes through a tailored program in consultation with you and your carer/ family.

  • Increase Social and Community Participation.
  • Health and Well Being – exercise and sport participation.
  • Home Living – support in maintaining the ability to live at home or help to obtain the right accommodation.
  • Lifelong Learning – assistance with education opportunities.
  • Employment – employment opportunity counselling.
  • Support Coordination.

DAACCS provides services and coordinates in arranging third party support opportunities.

DAACCS Capacity Building

At DAACCS we firmly believe that in spite of our differences we all have the capacity to learn new skills and develop. Our main aim is to provide you with the opportunities and choices that will promote an active life, a level of independence and a feeling of having control. We will work with you to explore the opportunities available as part of their NDIS package and will assist you to make an informed decision by providing enough information.

We will assist you in your journey but you will be in the driver seat and will be making your own choices and take control of how you want to move forward on your pace.

Social and Community Engagement and Participation

Depending upon your goals and interests DAACCS can explore inclusive opportunities for you to engage and participate in community to build your desired skills further.

We can assist you in organising volunteer work to help you learn skills that can lead you to paid employment in future. This could be at Vinnies, Red Cross, National Australian Zoo and a pet shop or any other place depending upon your interest.
Volunteer work not only provides a sense of achievement but it also gives you an opportunity to interact and learn skills that can help you become more independent

Independent Living Skills Development

As part of our In-home Care, we can assist you to learn day to day chores. This can range from assistance to learn personal hygiene, getting dressed, leaning Assistive Technology, home safety and a lot more. DAACCS support will focus on assisting you to learn skills that can assist you to be more independent and maintaining the ability to continue to live at home. If you are young this may also include learning skills that will assist you to live independently in future.

Our team can also assist when time comes to move out of home to explore different suitable options.

Health and Well Being

Maintaining mobility and fitness is vital to living as independently as possible. DAACCS provides both centre-based or home visits to provide tailored health and fitness activities to build on your capacity and general wellbeing. Under the guidance of our qualified Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapist our support staff can also assist you with implementing program developed by them so that you can get value for money. 

DAACCS can also assist you for Hydrotherapy sessions We also can assist you to participate in sporting activities of your choice in the community like swimming or tennis etc. This can also assist with developing social skills and a sense of achievement. Our Social Support program provides all the capability for an active lifestyle

Finding paid Employment

Our coordination team can assist you connecting with NDIS funded or mainstream funded services to assist you finding the right work for you. We work very closely with organisations that can assist you in finding suitable role for you. We will walk with you in your journey of finding employment. From getting your Job Capacity Assessment completed till you are settled in a paid role we are supporting you. We ensure the correct approach is always paramount and that it is focused on emboldening confidence, real choice and self-determination.

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