Social Support Services

Promoting engagement and interaction

Social Support Services

DAACCS social support services promote health, fitness, social engagement, connection, skill development and more. Our framework focuses on well-being, capacity building, a positive mindset, choice and control. 

DAACCS organises support services in the location and setting of your choice, including the community, in-house and centre based social events. The choice is yours, DAACCS can even facilitate escorted transport, so it is easy to get to all social engagements.

Making friends and understanding the experiences of peers provides you with a sense of inclusion and participation. It helps lower stress and anxiety and promotes a healthier well-being.

At DAACCS we want you to have the best opportunities that suit your ability and helps you to accomplish your goals. Creating a fun environment with a sense of achievement fosters positive participation and confidence.

Social Support Services Available

DAACCS Social Group.

A facilitated group run by DAACCS each Monday and Wednesday (excluding school holiday periods) gives an opportunity for participants to share their stories, connect and interact.

Activities may include;

  • Exploring the Canberra region
  • Visiting places of interest
  • Having a BBQ
  • Playing music
  • Attending a concert,

We want to create a fun atmosphere and promote your connectedness to community.

Skills Training – Development and Life Skills.

DAACCS supports you to maintain and learn essential life skills. These typically include personal care, household chores, shopping, cooking, learning Assistive Technology, catching public transport, money management skills, budgeting etc. These are targeted to your needs, goals and ability. 

DAACCS Social Events.

By running our own social events and participating in local community events as well, DAACCS is able to provide a rich Social Activity program. We assist our clients to socialise with the wider community by taking them to festivals and community events, out to various places of interest and nearby towns. We also organise volunteer work for our clients. This could be at Vinnies, Red Cross, National Zoo and more. Our multi-lingual team also provides support for the region’s ethnicity and peoples cultural traditions.

Our main principle is to stimulate our client’s social engagement and interactions to promote well-being, independence and motivation. We are also hoping to add in-house activities like Music, Arts and Crafts, Yoga to promote more social engagement possibilities. We look forward to providing a rich centre-based activity schedule to enhance our Social Support Services program. We are determined to provide the service that best suit our clients needs and ambitions.

Our Social Support Program is all part of the collaboration and coordination with clients and carers we undertake to select appropriate activities and assist in NDIS planning.

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